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Reinforced Earth

The original reinforced earth technology

Reinforced Earth®
structures combine select and controlled granular backfill with steel or geosynthetic tensile reinforcements and a modular facing system, generally comprised of precast concrete panels, welded wire mesh or semi-elliptical steel panels.

This ideal combination creates a long-lasting gravity retaining structure.
This technology can be adapted to suit retaining walls of any height. It is also capable of supporting major dead and live loads imposed by the associated structures, vehicles or other equipment.


- Strength, flexibility and resilience
- Expected long service life and profitability
- Adaptability to a wide range of environments

- Adaptability to aesthetic requirements

Associated applications :
Dams & reservoirs
Land development & Building
Mining & minerals
Oil & Gas

Ports & Coastal works
Rivers & Waterways
Roads & Motorways
Sports & Leisure

Brochure Reinforced Earth® - The Original

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