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Logical, complementary technic

Projects often associate Reinforced Earth applications with a minimum width to accommodate reinforcements. In perpetuating its legacy for breaking new ground, Terre Armée has developed and marketed the TerraLink™ technology, which allows for the construction of new Reinforced Earth® walls connected to existing retaining structures, or stabilized slopes through by way of anchors or nailing.

The Reinforced Earth® and TerraLink™ technologies can be combined to ensure a continuous facing and sound structural behavior.

Advantages :
- Adaptability to existing structures
- Custom solution to specific soils
- Compatibility with Reinforced Earth technics

Associated applications :

Dams & reservoirs
Land development & Building
Mining & minerals
Ports & Coastal works
Rivers & Waterways
Roads & Motorways
Sports & Leisure

Brochure TerraLink®

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