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The Terre Armée Group delivers best-fit solutions and provides end-to-end support in projects that need to conform to the specific requirements for harbor and coastal structures.

The Reinforced Earth® technology has been used for over 40 years to build marine structures either on coastlines or in harbors. The design and selection of construction materials used in marine environments must reflect the risks inherent in this special environment. The GeoMega® system, which combines GeoStrap® or EcoStrap reinforcements with polymer sheaths connections set in concrete facing panels, is ideally suited to marine environments.
Port Cartier, Quebec, Canada

Reinforced Earth® marine structures are designed and built to withstand the combined impact forces of water and debris, which can be highly destructive during storms.

Reinforced Earth® marine structures:

Sea walls
Wave deflectors and jetties
Canals and slipways

Associated techniques:

Reinforced Earth®

Brochure Ports & coastal works

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