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Ever since its invention, Reinforced Earth® has been used in the construction of road structures, motorways and bridge abutments, which often means cutting through uneven terrain and working with poor soil conditions and rocky or unstable slopes.

The Reinforced Earth® technology stabilizes the lay-out for the different structures, especially by creating retaining structures, stable embankments and walls. The system has therefore been widely used over the last 50 years for the construction of roads and motorways in urban, suburban, hydraulic and mountainous environments.


Port Mann Highway 1, British Columbia, Canada
Coquihalla Highway, British Columbia, Canada

Reinforced Earth®
was first used to build single-tier or multi-tier retaining walls alongside roads.

It is also used in many other types of applications for road structures:
- Viaduct access ramps,
- Complex multi-level interchanges,
- Structures on uneven terrain,
- Road widening,
- Bridge abutments

Associated techniques:

Reinforced Earth®

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