Home The Company News RECo to attend Small & Medium Span Bridge International Conference (July 31 - August 3)

RECo to attend Small & Medium Span Bridge International Conference (July 31 - August 3)

Read the abstract of RECO's paper to be presented at the conference.

The paper presented at the conference:

Title: Sensitivity study of arch stiffness and type of backfill on the behavior of buried arch bridges
Date: Wednesday August 1 @ 1:50pm
Location: Dufferin Room (Ground Floor), The Hilton Hotel - Quebec City
Presentation by: Hashem Hajmirzaali
Abstract: The behavior of a buried arch structure depends on many variables. Some of the more significant are arch stiffness, type of backfill, depth of overfill, and arch span. This paper summaries the results of a FEM sensitivity study that these four independent variables have on the arch behavior for 3-hinge precast arches. The arch behavior is studied through observations of the dependent variables of crown deflection, moment, axial and shear forces by Aztech program for short and medium span arches. The program is a proprietary FEM software provided by Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. which has been used extensively for design of precast concrete arches called TechSpan®. The study concludes that the total stiffness of the combined soil-structure system, as measured by deflections and internal forces, is strongly dependent on stiffness of both arch and backfill. In addition, for flexible arches with high overfill, the effect that the backfill stiffness has on arch deflections is much greater for stiff arches.

Join us at Booth #5 in the Foyer of the Hilton Hotel in Quebec City.